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Week 1: Bangkok!

As one of the most visited cities in the world, and home to roughly one tenth of the population of Thailand, I knew coming to Bangkok for the first time would be an overwhelming experience.

It is a place famous for temples, smog, cuisine, traffic, and infamous for its reputation as the sex tourism capital of the world (although I have no incite to offer on this topic).DSC_0034

Above: Siam Center,where regardless of your financial situation, there is an entire mall built just for you.

When planning our arrival in this awesome metropolis, my partner Hannah and I were unsure of how to proceed: Should we plan a place to stay, and if so, where? We were cautious of sticking too closely to the ‘Khao San Road’, a strip famous for its dirt cheap hostels, debaucherous bars, and general glut of

‘Farangs’, or Westerners. But we also knew that we did not want to distance ourselves too much from the city center and it’s many wonders.

So, we opted for a comfortable medium, and booked an Airbnb just south of the major financial district called Sathorn.Our choice turned out to be more fortuitous than we might have imagined, and we were welcomed with a big smile and a friendly ‘Wai’ (The Thai greeting of pressing palms together and bowing slightly) by our host and her aunt, who ran an incredible business selling stewed pork with rice downstairs.

From the food, to the sights, sounds and smells, this neighborhood was a mass of new sensory input, in which Hannah and I would steep for a week. Contrary to what one might recall of other big cities like Paris and New York, the people of Bangkok are mostly incredibly friendly and helpful. We felt both comfortable and strangely, even at home

Below: A monitor Lizard creeping out of the murky ponds in Lumphini Park.